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# Programmatic Advertising Leads To Get Better Marketing

- Posted August 4, 2019

Managing an advertisement is a full-time job. Now so many new channels reach their customers through, sufficient hours in the day to keep up. That’s why more companies are trying to allow AI to take it over.
Programmatic advertising is a process of using Artificial Intelligence to buy and put advertisements based on the targeting algorithms. Now, for Digital Marketing all the companies are already using this advertising. By 2020, above 86% of digital display ads will be purchased through the automated channels.
Though, programmatic advertising extends beyond cyberspace. It can also use to buy and sell a different kind of media, from display ads to out of the home advertisements.
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The difference between programmatic advertising and traditional advertising is, programmatic advertising can happen in real-time. This puts more power to the hands of the advertiser.
Maybe, even small advertisers can leverage programmatic advertising for the maximum ROI. But it is exactly how they use this power that determines whether advertisers are successful.
Programmatic advertising relies on a mixture of automation, big data, and technical expertise. You still need the human capital to do it, which not every business has.
In its current form, it is a better option for brands with mass-market appeal than those with corner appeal. Anyway, with programmatic ads taking over digital display advertising, it is a trend to keep tags on.

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