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# Role of Front end and Back end developer for Website Development ?

- Posted July 28, 2019

Among professionals, web development refers usually to the main non-design aspects of building websites. Web developers use CMS (content management system) to make changes in content easier. Web development is writing markup and coding. Different type of websites are there static websites, dynamic websites, and e-commerce websites. Design of the website is also important it is also a part of web development. But we are considering design as frontend part and code or development as backend part. Both are important while we are developing a website. Most of the organization, the web development team have a team of frontend peoples and a team of backend peoples. In small organization or businesses, only require a single backend person and a graphic designer or a frontend person.
There are three types of developers coming under web development, frontend developer, backend developer, full-stack developer. Frontend developer is responsible for visual and behavior of the website. A backend developer is responsible for the security of the website and deals with servers. A full-stack developer is a person can handle both frontend part and backend part in a very good way. Web development is a growing industry. This growth is driven by business, who wish to use their websites to advertise and sell their products to customers. Because of the commercialization of the web this industry is growing. When considering a website, the security of a website is the most important thing. Because security is the first thing we need to check, nowadays every transaction is through online only. That is the reason we are always preferring security first. Get the Best Web Development Service from Web Arya Technology
Open source tools are available for web development, which are Berkeley DB, Glassfish, LAMP stack, Perl. So lots of peoples can learn and improve their knowledge through these open-source tools. That is the reason the cost of learning web development to a minimum. And web development software we can easy to use that is also a reason for the growth of this industry. Adobe Dreamweaver, Blue Griffon, Microsoft visual studio we can easily use this software to develop websites. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) knowledge is the basics of web development. If you have the basic knowledge of HTML, then you can easily learn and develop websites. Because of the new tools and technology, developers can easily create and design dynamic and interactive websites. Comparing to older days it’s improved a lot because of this ever-growing tools and technologies. Customers also expecting more user-friendly, more interactive, more dynamic websites.
Ecommerce website is the most popular websites, lots of common peoples also planning their business online. Because of the influence of social media and other media common people also changed. This is also a reason for the growth of this industry. Amazon and flip kart is an example of successful e-commerce websites. CMS extended web development impact at online. It is also impacted personal networking and marketing.
Blog Image Web development takes many security consideration such as encryption, error checking, authorized access, filtering output. It depends on the server environment on which scripting language is running. Testing is also important after developing websites. Generally, E-commerce websites need virtual private servers or dedicated servers. Usually shared hosting is not ideal for e-commerce and CMS but for beginning a small business we can use shared hosting. Hosting and server also we need to consider while developing a project. After launched the project also some errors are occurring, this leads to security problems. It is a job for web developers to keep the application up to date. Because if security holes are thereafter launching the website, security patch updates are frequent for widely used application. So we need to keep it's up to date, this is also a work coming under developer or software tester.

A web developer works with the following

• Server
• Scripting Language
• Database
Web developer develop an application by a scripting language that needs to suit to the frontend design

Back-end Development:

Back end is a server-side scripting language. If the back end is the body or beauty of the outside then backend is the brain of the website. It is a data access layer frontend is the presentation layer. It is all about coding and server. Backend developer works with the server, scripting language, database, API. Web development includes designing coding maintaining the websites. It is all about the work involved while developing a website. There is a different type of website we have, which are static, dynamic etc.

Static Website:

Static websites are simple websites that are fixed, not regularly updating the website. Static websites just for providing information. Most of the static websites are writes in simple HTML code.

Dynamic Websites:

Dynamic website is different from static website. In the dynamic website, we need to check daily and need to update regularly. Blogs , e-commerce website all are coming under dynamic websites. Or generally, we can tell websites which are updated regularly we can consider as dynamic websites.

The website development cycle:

Known as the lifecycle of website development. The first step in the life cycle of website development is information gathering or requirement gathering, purpose, main goal, target, audience. The second step is planning or sitemap: From all the requirements collected from the previous step, we will create that sitemap. This sitemap will tell the relationship with the main area of your project. This sitemap tells you how the inner structure of your website looks like Step3 is Design, Page Layout, and Review. The website look is the work of designers. The next step is all about content Writing, then the step is coding –all about the back end part. The next step is Testing review and maintains all the website.
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