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# Will Video Be More Influential Than Image!

- Posted August 3, 2019

Over the past few years, the video has grown into popularity across the globe. You see it wherever – on television, social media, text messages, billboards, online advertisements, and even restaurant menus also.Because video has become so famous among the rising generation, creating videos of your own has never been easier. Presently, everyone has instant access to filming, editing and publishing videos.
Simply to give you an idea of the numbers we are talking about, a user’s positive experience with a video advertisement increases their purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.

Keep reading for why video is better than the image.

1. Video Engages Audience
2. Video comprises all other Mediums
3. Video Prompts Shares
5. Video prompts Actions
6. Video Increases the Economy
7. Video allows comfortable and accessible production
8. Video provides the best search engine results
9. Video improves social communication.
Blog Image Video is the medium of the future – it is indisputable. Although images, articles, podcasts, and infographics also have a stake in the future, video cannot be overlooked. People are attracted to video and people are what matter.
The medium has had the soaring potential for years and now is the time for it to fulfil its true capacity. The importance of online video marketing in a business’s strategy is unusual. The extent of the video’s social scope is extraordinary. If you want to reach out to the world, you will need a video.

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