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# Will “Voice Search” Take Over a “Text Search?”

- Posted August 1, 2019

Search a word where everybody relies on. Last week I bought an Alexa where we command intelligence most probably for anything possible. Starting from playing music to commanding to switch off the electricity.
We do not realize that we are replacing a text search for a voice search.

According to a study, nearly a quarter of US household own a smart speaker-

90% - Listen to Music
80% - Search for real-time information
75% - Factual information
68% - News
60% - Chat with Assistance
72% - Remainder / Alarm
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Now those full effect can be seen in India as well.
Devices like Amazon Echo, Apple Home Pod, Google home is a new trending voice search as per the reach.
62% has purchased a smart speaker over 6 months, and the half is planning to purchase the same for him this Go for.

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